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Selected works

‘We’ve had to stop people fighting and urinating in their seats’: the ugly new side of theatre audiences | The Guardian

Exclusive: David Walliams recorded making derogatory comments about BGT contestants | The Guardian

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Unpicking ladette culture | The Guardian

New organisation launched to tackle sexual harassment in live comedy | The Guardian

Profile of Bridget Christie | The Guardian

PTSD, long Covid and a paltry pay offer: three nurses on how the pandemic changed them | The Guardian

Middle Eastern stand-ups: ‘People assume we only do terrorist jokes’ | The Guardian

All white on the night: the perennial problem with panel shows | The Guardian

‘It’s democratising’: Has lockdown changed comedy forever? | The Guardian

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How standups swapped the Fringe for Twitch | The Guardian

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‘Women are tired of having to walk men through it’: men and #MeToo in comedy | The Guardian

‘I’ve had men rub their genitals against me’: extreme sexism in standup comedy | The Guardian

Coronavirus and comedy’s class divide | The Guardian

Taskmaster’s Alex Horne made me the ultimate lockdown quizmaster | The i newspaper

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The Guardian comedy series

Joking Around

Rachael Healy tours the UK to discover more about regional comedy scenes and senses of humour from local standups | The Guardian

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Rachael Healy revisits the origins of hit TV shows in the UK’s comedy clubs and fringe theatres | The Guardian



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